/Why Typography Is Very Important?
Why Typography Is Very Important?

Why Typography Is Very Important?

The most important ingredient for any website is content, obviously, you want to make it as easy and understand as possible. Designers face colorful content and color chaos because of the reasons for the drop of those reasons when they are hidden behind the curtains.

Therefore, general evaluation for font selection and typography is important. By choosing the right font face and assigning it to the hierarchy you need, you can reduce confusion. If you keep your content at this level, your visitors will be happy to review and read your website or design.

The most important features in your text against two trustworthy fonts and upper many sites today prefer basic fonts such as Arial, Verda, or Helvetica. Because these fonts are familiar to read on the screen and easy to use. It comes standard in applications. So, by choosing these fonts, you can make sure that the text is the same on each screen.

Contrary to typography, the opposite is also very important. If the background is black or dark blue or green, make sure you are using very light font colors like full white or a second color light tone for background. Neon colors are a good idea on color or the same color, saturation and brightness, because the general text can be completely hard. Note that approximately 8-15% of the world’s population is colorless. In view of this statistic, visitors will be able to create, read, understand and understand typography.

The third point to consider is the hierarchy. Each lesson on your website is important as a poster or text in a brochure. The most hierarchically within a website is determined based on size, but if you also select the weight, use the hierarchy feature or can change colors, fonts and reliable.

Many websites choose to use a different font as a font choice, as images and graphics can be as effective as personality identification on your site. Menu items such as text are clearly marked such a page title and other titles hierarchy text, the reader can benefit you more than the unique advantage of using the font that you can read how to pass

Fortunately, our world has not returned to the point where web fonts are roughly limited at the same time. Here, there are many sites like fonts squirrels, thereby allowing Google Web Fonts to be written specifically to allow you to embed web and many web sites that have a specific font on your website.