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WhatsApp no longer works! In these iPhones

WhatsApp no longer works! | In these iPhones

At the end of September it was leaked, that WhatsApp ends support for iPhone with the iOS 7 operating system. This means that anyone who did not have WhatsApp on their iPhone could no longer install it. Furthermore, new features and updates no longer exist. However, anyone who has already installed Messenger can still use it until January 2020, according to WhatsApp. Silently and secretly, the group now also has a limit: users complain that the application from last weekend is no longer usable.

Since Apple’s iOS operating system has already reached version 12, WhatsApp-out for iOS 7 mainly covers the old iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s, if the software has not been updated in recent years many users they complained about the well-informed blog “WhatsAppBetaInfo” because the support ends more than a year before the official announcement by WhatsApp.

The blog made it public on Twitter:

Who currently has an iPhone 4 with iOS 7, WhatsApp can no longer use it and should inevitably buy a new smartphone. Why: the new iOS 12 operating system can not be played on this model. If you have an iPhone 4s, a 5, 5c or 5s, you should download iOS 12 at the latest. Because even in older models, it is still surprisingly soft.

What happens with Android devices?

Also for older Android devices of version 2.3.7 the messenger has threatened to end January 1, 2020. However, there is no information that WhatsApp has already been deactivated. The same applies to devices with the Nokia 40 operating system, which will lose support by the end of 2018. A general description of smartphone operating systems that are no longer officially compatible with WhatsApp can be found here: