/What is RSS Feed and How to Use It?

What is RSS Feed and How to Use It?

RSS is a web page notifier that allows you to keep track of any new content added to the website. It’s hard to get every update you’re interested in on the internet. Instead of visiting the same websites every day, you can take advantage of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to collect headers from these sites and automatically upload them to your computer or application directly or to appear on a website you’re viewing.

How does RSS work?

Not all websites share the RSS feed, but many share it. You can follow the steps below to configure your personal RSS feed.
  • Start a RSS feed by downloading an RSS reader (also known as a resource). Many free and advertised RSS readers are available online in the form of extensions and applications. Download one of these on your computer or mobile device.
  • Go to your favorite websites and look for the RSS link. If you do not see it, type the name of the website and the RSS of the web into a search engine.
  • Copy the URL that contains the RSS feed to your site.
  • Paste the RSS URL downloaded into the RSS reader.
  • Repeat the same procedure on all the websites you visit regularly.
Some readers offer suggestions for additional sites with RSS feeds. To use the RSS reader, you can access the web page of your RSS reader or start the RSS application or software. This way you can instantly scan all web feeds. You can edit RSS feeds in folders such as e-mails and create alerts by configuring alerts and sounds when a specific web feed is updated.

Types of RSS feeds

You can customize your RSS feed so that selected websites send you the latest news directly on your screen. Instead of visiting 15 different places to get news like weather, sports, your favorite photos, the latest gossip or the latest political discussions, go to a single screen and collect the titles of all these websites in one window.

The titles and the stories RSS are prepared immediately. However, once posted on the origin server, RSS holders spend some time before they reach the screen.


Reasons to get rid of RSS

When you copy and paste the RSS URL into your RSS reader, you subscribe to the source. It will give you the results of your RSS reader until the subscription is canceled. There are many advantages to subscribing to an RSS feed.
Weather in Turkey, rain, storm, wind and weather can follow the event. RSS is definitely a good tool here.
You can get the latest news on your favorite celebrities, the countries you want to visit or your favorite sports team through RSS.
If you are a motorcyclist, a skier, a sculptor or perhaps a dog trainer, you can get advice on your hobbies. Everything will fall instantly on your screen.
If you want to change the background of your computer every day, RSS is the perfect way to get the images that new photographers share on the web.
Reading your favorite blogs
If you have blogs you are following, you can direct recently added content directly to your screen.
If you help to choose a political candidate, RSS is an invaluable tool to control popular thinking and blog posts.
Anecdotes and quotes
To add a little joy in the morning, you can subscribe to anecdotes and concise letters.
Currency converter
If you plan to travel to another country, you can follow the best time to buy that country’s currency.

Popular RSS readers

You may want to try many RSS readers to see which one is best for you. There are many RSS readers that offer a free version and a premium version. Here are some popular readers:
  1. Feedly for Web, iOS and Android
  2. Chrome add-on, Panda for the web and iOS
  3. Reeder 3 for Mac and iOS
  4. Power supply for Android, Chrome and iOS
  5. Feedreader for Windows