/What is an SSL certificate? How does it work? It is necessary?
What is an SSL certificate

What is an SSL certificate? How does it work? It is necessary?

I do not know if the question of what the SSL certificate has been through, but you’ve probably heard the SSL for shopping pages. So what is SSL, how does it work, is it necessary? To safely surf the Internet, buy and enter data, this article interests you.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate means Secure Sockets Layer. Its purpose is to protect data traffic between Internet users and the website. SSL protects personal data and credit card information that users enter on the website. The SSL certificate also allows website owners to protect their site by protecting their sites.

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How does the SSL certificate work?

SSL provides a secure and encrypted connection between your web browser and the site server you visit. I have sued SSL to establish this secure connection; technically it performs a handshake, a handshake between the visitor and the site. This prevents you from accessing other traffic during the purchase or browsing experience. SSL can be defined as a type of safeguard that protects the information that visitors send to you through its website.

Is an SSL certificate required?

If you enter a quantity of information such as credit cards, addresses or names on your website, you must have an SSL certificate to protect this data. In the past, only the need for an SSL certificate for websites that gather information has become a requirement for all sites today. This is because Google has marked all sites that do not have SSL certificates as of July 2018 as 201 Not Safe. This also has a direct impact on the high ranking of a website in the search results. Therefore, the use of the SSL certificate is not optional nowadays; it has become a necessity for all Internet sites and blogs.

How do I know that there is an SSL certificate on a website?

We have learned the answer to the question of what an SSL certificate is, but how can we understand the existence of this certificate on a website? For all secure websites that have an SSL certificate, there is visual information to the left of the address bar with the green lock symbol and the words kilit Safe round egg or ub Company Name SSL.

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In addition to visual information, the beginning of the browser address line is the symbol of the existence of an SSL certificate behind the letters http: //, this indicates that the site uses a secure SSL certificate such as https: //. Web site addresses beginning with http: // do not have this certificate. For this reason, when you visit a website where you can enter your credit card, password, Internet banking or other personal information, it is very important to look at the address line.

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As part of this information, you can now see if you are safely browsing a bank’s website or entering information in the payment screen of a purchase site by looking at the SSL symbols in the address line.

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