/Learn About Make a Website and Setting Up

Learn About Make a Website and Setting Up

Learn About Make a Website and Setting Up
Learn About Make a Website and Setting Up

Websites are common names, given to areas of information exchange created for the purpose of writing articles, sharing photos, listening to music, watching videos or watching them. With the completion of some steps, anyone who wishes can install a website for their own purposes.

How to set up a website?

In the process of opening a website with just a few steps, you need to purchase the first domain name. The domain name is the name you specified for your site. You can find out if this name is already in use and then decide which extension to take. The first step is completed by taking the domain name (abc.com).

Second step: purchase of hosting

The second step you need to follow to set up the website is to host the hosting service. In fact, for the function of hosting your site to function in a functional way, in fact, you have published content such as video, text, photos, which will make the content difficult. Even if your computer is turned off, even if people can access your content.

Once you receive the domain and hosting, you can activate them and activate your site. Hosting companies help. In the next step, you can create your site by selecting the infrastructure. Currently, the most used wordpress infrastructure in the world is the first option for people with easy access. Easily access and edit your site’s templates, you can choose the themes that match your site’s style. You can use these free or paid themes so you can create a unique place for yourself.

How to use wordpress

Without coding problems, WordPress Infrastructure will support you to ensure the design of your site. You must configure your theme from the admin panel above. In addition, you can install and use external themes to the system, as well as use the WordPress offer. We recommend that you first use a free theme, activate payment themes after knowing the system and ensuring continuity. You can also re-install the required additional components via WordPress. In this part of the panel where you can find a paid, free or trial version, you can make your site more secure and useful with various add-ons like social networks, security, spam, site templates.

Footnotes: social networks have become one of the most important media of our time. For this reason, your site will help with more people to reach, promote and increase the number of visitors, which is the most important factor for your site. This is why it is important to have a social network complement on your site. In addition to allowing people to directly access their social media accounts, it allows them to automatically share them on social networks in their shared resources on the site.