/I want to make my blog! What do I do for the start?

I want to make my blog! What do I do for the start?

If I am in the process of creating a blog for the first time, it is very good to know from the beginning that what I have to do to start right. In addition to choosing a domain and a host, visitors and bloggers from the beginning need to make blogs easy and easy to manage.

Luckily for me, this is not a case of creating a new blog, though I like to document on my own path. This was not so much; so far since 2012 many changes have been made. Changes related to blog structure, subject, host, etc. Things that have filled my plans and kept me for a long time.

After returning to the idea of the article, a blog can be created on many platforms, but it is the most popular WordPress. Unfortunately, blogging has slowed down in recent years. I do not know a figure, but I see from my eyes how many blogs disappear every day and I have not heard it before.

Let’s say we’ve just started a WordPress blog. We have to choose a theme, without publishing it from the beginning; we will write some articles, and worrying about making a customer list will be ideal. I’ve written a lot about blogging, but Maria can read a lot of interesting things, a great deal of articles that you can find from Sequoia.

I am shortening the story, to do some minor but important things at the beginning of blogging:

  • We remove the first “Hello World” article. It can be removed from the control panel, or we can edit it and change its title, content and permalink.
  • We removed the sidebar Meta widget, one of the most dangerous things even seen on the old blog. I do not see any point
  • Go to Permalink Update Control Panel – Settings – Permalink By default, “Day and name” is selected. Select “Post Name” or the ideal custom framework: and add “/%category%/%postname%.html” after the blog’s URL.

  • We add a link with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (share button still use it), Instagram, etc. This is well on adding these social networks as well. Although blogging is used by mobile devices, but sharing buttons in this article are useless.
  • We create contact pages and make sure it works. I will take care of the contact form and I will contact a small text with an email address where the contact can be made. Even simple text or email addresses written in the photo, which cannot be accessed by bots on the net.
  • We create an Analytics account and Google Search Console. I have changed Google Webmaster Tools later.
  • The plug-in will protect the Akismet blog from spam that has been installed, and moreover I can take Jetpack happy blog features and take a handful of useful tools, and replace many plugins.

Other short: Plug-ins have been installed a lot, be aware that the picture quality is here, but adapt and it will not confuse your blog’s load speed, choose a simple subject and clean it (I know I know, I have some Ad blocks are), some tags, even good.