/How to install Blogger themes?
how to install blogger template/theme

How to install Blogger themes?

Bloggers are growing every day that passes. As the first Blogger user, I’m sure you’ve used your Blogger theme, but it does not tolerate many users and after a while the subject is not enough.

However, for a long time the BlogSpot authors, who are set to be determined by Blogger, are committed to discovering a new topic. For this purpose, Blogger offers users the ability to download from abroad.

Where to find the Blogger themes

The topics contained in Blogger may not be enough for us because visitors increase the time and the number. If we have the capacity, we will have to change our approach to compete with our competitors. As we all know, the word Google can be found in the free themes of Google Blogger. In this way, we can distribute thousands of free Blogger themes. Now, the time to take advantage of your Blogger administration panel is not only the subject, but also the blessing of the Internet, but we cannot always find the topic we want to distribute in free subjects.

For this, you can code your own blogger theme or, if you wish, you can purchase a theme that is not available to any of the site providers. The topics of today’s bloggers are the same as normal websites.

How to install Blogger themes

Using Blogger, it is easy to replace the problems used, the panel used by us and install a new theme. For this, Google’s Blogspot system allows us to upload external themes and modify the contents contained in them. If you want to download themes from abroad, we need:

  • Choose Blog, where you can change the Blogger theme.
  • In the upper right corner of the opening tab, restore / backup / AS.
  • First of all you need to be sure to back up yourself to avoid potential problems against all possibilities here. Therefore, you can create a theme backup that you currently use with the option to download themes in the drop-down tab. If you do not like a future error or a new topic, you can reload the previous topic.
  • You can install a new theme with the button below the option to download themes on the same page. To do this, by clicking on the Choose File option, you can now choose the theme file that you have already downloaded to your computer.