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How to Increase Traffic on Blog Website

Get idea to Increase Traffic on Your Blog Website – Ttips4you

The success of the blog is based on the number of readers. It is important to identify items that can generate much traffic but retain it, because this traffic can determine our future as a blogger.

Most bloggers have not yet found the way to “success”, they spend 40% time, 20% written and modified, 20% attendance and graphics, and only 20% for smuggling, to search for content.

Unfortunately, if we have quality content but we do not have the public, then everything is a waste of time.

Playing on all types of blogs, I can create a list of tips that can help bring traffic to your blog.

  • Fixing Lens
  • Provide Quality Content
  • Comment on Other Blogs
  • Customize Search Engine Blog
  • Activate the Forum
  • Guest Post Articles
  • Use Trackback
  • Social Networks
  • Advertising
  • Primary


Fixing Lens

With any other profession, we need to think about what our actual goal is. We have to establish ourselves with the public people we are addressing. Once we know potential readers, then we know the direction that we are going to target, and then we can use the tips below to increase traffic to blogs.

Provide Quality Content

As I said in other articles, quality content is of great importance, and whenever visitors get the opportunity to read the articles, visitors come back happily. Because of good content, visitors can recommend it to others.

Comment on Other Blogs

This advice has been mentioned in another article, but I repeat it because it requires a lot of attention. Commenting on other blogs is very important, but we need to comment as to where we have the option to add to the site address. It’s very important to comment on sites with the same place.

Customize Search Engine Blog

Most new bloggers believe this one is very difficult. My point is to write “SEO friendly” about what I’ve done and still have to try to learn

Activate the Forum

Join actively in the great forum who have great popularity and do not forget to put a blog signature in your handwriting to appear after each message.

Guest Post Articles

Say yes to this initiative. Find blogs with huge traffic and this allows you to write guest posts by signing in at the end of the article by the name of your blog.

Use Trackback

Trackbacks allow communication between blogs. It is believed that “I have something that will interest you”. I am posting an article, you want to comment on my post, but you also want your readers to know about it so that you can write articles on your blog and shake a trackback on my blog. . I get trackback and I agree whether or not I want to post it as a comment. Take the form of comment: title, short description and link to your blog. If you succeed, more traffic may arise.

Social Networks

Do not forget about social networks. Add as much as possible to your list of friends, so when an article is delivered, it is possible to view as many people as possible.


We announce the blog on every occasion. We can do some competitions every month, the award is jersey customized by the name of the blog :).


On each account on different sites, blogs, forums, etc., add a blog option, if there is an option that allows it. You can also pray to close friends who can share your articles on their social network and who can help.

Thank you.