/How does new Facebook 2-step verification work
How Does New Facebook 2-step Verification Work

How does new Facebook 2-step verification work

The security of our Internet service accounts often depends on whether our password is secure enough or not to be filtered in any of the security flaws of recent years.

Adding a second level of security to our online services, such as 2-step verification, is important to avoid future problems such as unauthorized access to our accounts or the theft of personal data. Facebook has created a new way to enable this popular security measure on its platform to make it simpler and safer.

According to Facebook, they have just implemented the activation of two-step verification, a new method that is accompanied by a step-by-step explanation that guides you through the process. Let’s take a look.

How to enable 2-step verification

First, we need to make sure we have enabled Use authentication in Settings -> Security and access in 2 steps, or by visiting this link from your phone or computer.

To enable two-factor authentication, the screen tells us that Facebook will always discover that we start sessions with unusual devices, that is when they receive unusual access requests. When this happens, we will ask for a password and then a unique access code that can contact us via SMS, and it is one of the novels through the security app.

When you click on Start, the Facebook app again requests our normal password. When we are present, we will have to choose our second safe method. In the normal 2-step verification process, the first e-mail and password is customary and the second depends on each service and its options.

Facebook has increased the number of account security options available with the second authentication phase, so the registration of a mobile phone number is not a basic requirement.

Many users do not feel comfortable providing such personal information and for this reason Facebook allows users to use applications such as Google Authenticator and Duo Security.

If we choose one of the two new options, Facebook will lead us to a QR code page that we need to scan using one of two options: Google Authenticator or Duo Security

If you enable two-factor authentication on the same phone where you download these apps, you have the option to enter a code or “configure it on the same device” to allow Facebook to choose an app. .

Click “Next” and enter the verification code generated by Google Authentication (if necessary, or Duo Security, if applicable).

When you have the “Next” option, you must have a 2-step verification authorization and you can select “Allow access without code” without a week or click on Finish.

Whenever you log in from a new phone or another computer, you should work with Google Authenticator, Duo Security or your SMS message, depending on the method you choose to install.